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  Children Ministry
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Today’s Children, Tomorrow’s Church

We, the Children’s Church of Trinity Community Centre, believe in investing our time and effort into the lives of our children as they are tomorrow’s church. Today, many of our children are being bombarded in school from all forms of media. Many a time they are pressured by their peers into making poor lifestyle choices and into doing things which go against moral principles and God’s precepts.

As parents and teachers, we have the responsibility to safeguard our children against this onslaught of evil and temptation. We have found that in teaching our young the principles of holy living and God’s love for them, and by instilling in them a healthy fear of Godly moral values, as well as integrity through word and deed, they can draw from Him to help them overcome all of life’s trials and tribulations.
Our Godly Mandate

Even as we observe decaying moral values and the great wave of evil and compromise taking place in every thread in the fabric of society, a greater sense of urgency has spread throughout today’s churches to safeguard our young and to equip them to stand against this prevalent evil.
TCC’s Children’s Department was formed some 20 years ago with God’s mandate in our hearts to bring forth a Godly generation that would be on fire for God; who would be willing to be used by God for His purposes to spread the Gospel to the four corners of the world.

We have four age groups of children classes being; 

(3 - 6yrs)

Primary 1 (7 - 9yrs) 

Primary 2
(10 - 12yrs) and 

Teen class
(13 - 17yrs).

From nursery to the teen years, we have formulated programmes designed to teach, encourage and help them in their struggles, while growing in their walk with God.

In our teaching, audio-visual aids, include puppetry, live drama, flashcards, big visuals, flannelgraph, object lessons, power-point slides, craft work, VCD shows, quizzes and games.

Not only do we address the spiritual needs but also in character building, and one way is through their participation in stage plays and musicals.   This builds their confidence in public speaking.  Children’s church also has its own Praise & Worship team with a full band.  Children who show keen interest to play the musical instruments are given training.   Our goal is also to tap into children’s talents and gifts and bring out the best of their God given abilities.  It is our duty to see the best in every child and to see every child reach excellence.

In order to instil a good community spirit in these young lives, we are coming up with programmes for the young ones to “give-back” to the community.   One such event, in the year 2006, our children contributed toys, clothes and many other various need for Trinity Community Children’s Home. 

Due to the lack of civil-consciousness these days, many of these children have to be taught very basic common courtesies such as “please” and “thank you”. They are taught how to behave in public, how to speak, and especially how to obey their parents, teachers and all Godly authority placed above them. Rebellion, quietly or publicly displayed has to be dealt with and the care we give each child or teen is different. 

Because each generation is different and we cannot employ the same method throughout, this is where we as teachers need the discernment from the Lord to lead and teach us. Thankfully, with God’s leading and a supportive group of dedicated teachers, we are making good progress and bearing good fruit.

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