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  Trinity Youth In Christ
[ For The Year 2010 | TYIC Picture Library ]


It was approximately 3pm on January 3rd, 2010, I was approaching the church chapel when I heard the sounds of guitars strumming and the sweet voices of young people singing. I went inside and sat down when suddenly I arose from my chair and with tears were streaming down my face, I watched these youths worship. These youths, who once I had held as babies and dedicated them to the Lord, I now see them worshipping and glorifying God Almighty.

There, standing in a small circle, were perhaps 28 to 30 youths in number. they were singing hymns of praise and worship. I witnessed the youth in full bloom.

Needless to say, as Senior Pastor, my heart goes out to them, they need Jesus in their lives as much as anyone else. I believe that Satan has intentionally and strategically focused his darts on the youths to destory the will of God in their lives.

My mind then began to recall that morning as I was seeking His face for what He has in store for these youths. I was on my knees, silent before God, and then a vision of the Lord appeared before me.

I saw myself outside an unknown building, and as I walked in, I saw many old and brittle branches on the ground. As I was about to step on them, I heard the Lord say, "Do not step on the branches" then the Lord commanded me to blow. Before I did anything, He said for a seconf time, Blow!".
As I blew, out of my mouth came out smoke, shaped like a round cloud. The cloud then ascended up and hovered above the branches on the ground. The cloud then spread wide and covered the whole room. The Lord spoke again and commanded me to speak life to the branches. As I shouted, "LIFE!" the cloud descended upon the branches and I saw those branches come to life and take form as young people (teenagers), as I watched I noticed that some were in crutches, some bent and some looked unwell but all of them standing there looked half dead.

Then the Lord said, "Come out". As I walked out, I saw a sea of darkness on one side and on the opposite was another full of light. Then the Lord said, "Go back into the building and bring them out". So I walked back to the building and called to the teens, "Follow me!". And they all came out to where I was. Then the Lord said, "Speak life again". When I said 'life' for the second time, the young people transformed, they became strong, healthy and I noticed each one holding a sword in their hand.

They began to kneel on one knee as a huge angel holding a huge golden sword appeared out from the light. The angel then moved towards them and began placing his sword on each youth touching both side of their shoulders with the sword. When the angel of the Lord had finished, they stood up and the Lord explained to me that they have just been knighted.

Suddenly, many demons appeared to attack the young people by speaking lies into their ears. Then I saw that the swords which the youths were holding changed to bibles. I saw them moving out to save the lost youths in the world and they were bringing them back to TCC.
Then I saw myself back in our very own chapel, I saw the lost youths who were being led back to the chapel becoming like youths who saved them. Next I saw in the vision, I watched them going out of the church chapel, they were led by one young man holding a banner with the letters 'GS' written across. I asked the Lord what is the meaning of GS and the Lord said, "This is My Gideon's Squadron".


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