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  Esthers' Ministry
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... an intimate respite with God

Esthers’ Ministry is designed for Woman for edification, educate and facilitate their growth and spiritual maturity. Our purpose for today’s Christian Woman is a practical fellowship to gear women in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and more… Also to spread sound doctrine and our goal is to inspire, motivate and encourage women to be all they can be as “Women of the Word” (WOW), reaching out to others to deal with the contemporary issues and ‘hot n interesting’ topics that impact lives and a biblical perspective to the relationships that they contend with daily in the in the arena of family; friendship; faith; marriage; single life; self; work; finances and health.

Esthers’ would like to represent a broad spectrum of familiarities with what it means to have a vital faith and intimacy with and in Jesus Christ – to all those who are knowledgeable about the bible; involved in church; as well as those who are either still searching or are relatively new believers.

Our tone for today’s Christian Woman shall be in a personal note and utilize real-life anecdotes as well as quotes / active from Christian professionals or related resources. In today’s society, women endure hardships while striving to be an effective part of society and through this fellowship the needs of women will be met by God’s view to have a balance in family, work and spirituality. And these are some of the top concerns in women today. We strive to be a resource of hope and comfort on which they can depend to learn to lean on God knowing that He is always there guiding through every step with His heart full of love and compassion towards the broken-hearted and wounded women to rise up and to be set free. Having gone through a lot of trials and suffering myself, I can identify with those hurting as the Lord has turned all my mourning and ashes into dancing and – into the beauty of His Kingdom purposes.

WE, Women are special in God’s sight that an entire chapter of the Bible is dedicated and devoted to extolling a woman’s virtue (Proverbs 31). I now submit to all that He wants me to do, knowing that He will be my wisdom and guide. Amen.

Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne, Amen

Because it’s in HIS presence – that’s where you’re strong and belong. Take a hold of it and let it touch the lives of our loved ones, asking the Lord God Almighty each day to understand HIS Word and also to respond with a renewed mind and a new heart with loving obedience.

Jesus said to ask in HIS Name and HE will do it! Isn’t it a wonderful promise from our ever loving Father (John 14:14).

Let us revive within us the fire that once burnt with passion and intimacy for HIM. For the passion in us shall restore all that the cankerworm, etc. (Joel 2:25), has destroyed. Make 2 Chronicle 7:14 & Joshua 1:8 a lifestyle reality and then surely “...and all these thing shall be added unto me” (Matt 6:33).

I pray that an “Intimate Respite” with God is the cry of your heart to follow and be more like JESUS, the only begotten SON of God, the Saviour of our souls.

That the Women of the Word (WOW) in Esthers Ministry will know God and the truth and about herself more clearly in the mirror of HIS Word. (James 1:2).

Praise Him forever more; for it’s the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

In HIS Service,

Marie Gordon
Associate Pastor


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