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  Hospital Visitation

Serving patients with a human touch
Among our many outreach programmes, the most visible would probably be our hospital visitations.An important part of our community relations programme, our hospital visits have brought Trinity Community Centre (TCC) closer to the people, and broadened our scope and direction.

Although we appreciate the hard work put in by medical specialists, doctors, nurses and paramedics in saving the lives of patients, and in treating them for various ailments, the fact remains that they cannot do it alone.Patients who have undergone life-saving surgery and those being treated for chronic ailments often need emotional support and encouragement to facilitate speedier recovery.

Realizing this, we incepted our Hospital Visitation Programme some two years ago, and since then, we have reduced the burden on family members as we take on the role of spending time with patients, especially those who are terminally ill. These patients, such as those suffering from advanced stages of cancer, AIDS and others, often experience depression.  Surgery and chemotherapy leave them physically and emotionally drained.  They worry too about their families who will be left behind once they are gone.Some terminally ill patients are abandoned in hospital by families who themselves suffer the emotional and financial strain of the long-term therapy and post-surgery rehabilitation process.

During our visits, we read to the patients, counsel and keep them in touch with the outside world.  We also give them emotional strength and a shoulder to cry on.In short, patients are rest assured that we are always there for them, and they respond positively to our presence.

Apart from the visits, we also carry out various other activities to lift the spirits of patients.  These include our involvement in blood donation campaigns, fund raising to alleviate their hardship, and giving them gifts during major celebrations as a reminder that they are not forgotten.Besides private hospitals, the others we frequently visit in the Klang Valley include Hospital Kuala Lumpur, University Hospital and Assunta Hospital.

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