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  Missions & Mission Trips
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Many years ago, our Centre expanded its horizon by going to nations like America, India, Myanmar, Indonesia and Sarawak where the message of hope and love was brought to the impoverished people in these countries.

In 1989, a mission team was sent to South India where they spent about one month preaching the message of hope and praying for the sick and disabled.  Many miracles were witnessed, notably a blind man was completely healed of his blindness and countless numbers being healed of their sicknesses and set free from all kinds of fears and bondages.

Then in 1995, another mission team was sent to Madras, India for a 3 days open air evangelistic crusade.  Thousands from the city of Madras attended the nightly meetings and many miracles of healings were recorded.

The following year, another mission team was sent to Myanmar to work along with the social workers in central Myanmar.  Meetings and training sessions were conducted daily and people from the surrounding areas attended and were taught on the principles of godly living.  Many were blessed and inspired by the teachings and in the nights healing services were conducted.

One notable miracle was a lady paralyzed from the waist down, got up and started to run after being prayed for.  The people were touched by the outward show of the love of God through this team.

Subsequently there were other mission trips organized to locations both within and outside the country, and on all these occasions, miracle healings were recorded and above all the people were blessed by the message of love and hope.

More than just bringing a message to these people, our centre on each of these mission trips have also provided financial support to local social concern organizations and critical needs of the community.  We have also through local based non-governmental organizations contributed towards the Bosnian Relief Fund, Somalia Relief Fund, Tribes and Nations Organization (Thailand), Asian Outreach and charitable organizations based in the Philippines and Indonesia.

This is done in line with the vision of our centre to be a blessing to the local community in our nation as well as the nations of the world.

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