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Acts of TCC

Title: Healed From Thyroid Aliment
Date: 06 October 2010



Healed from Thyroid Ailment


Down with hyperthyroidism and allergic to drug therapy, God intervened

and miraculously healed me.  By Betsy Ho



In July 2009, I was RAPIDLY losing weight and having breathing difficulties. The doctor diagnosed it as an asthma attack and prescribed the appropriate medication. However, my condition did not improve.


After a second visit to the doctor three months later, a blood test revealed I was suffering from hyperthyroidism.  By that point, I was completely short of breath, unable to control my temper, and continuing to lose weight. My hands shook, and I had scars on my knees from falling down. It was taxing on both my husband and me.


The worst was not over as I was allergic to both drugs that the doctor prescribed for my condition. The alternative was to undergo Radioactive Iodine (RAI) treatment or to have the thyroid gland surgically removed. Both these treatment options were irreversible and would require me to be on thyroid hormone supplements for the rest of my life.


In May 2010, I received an SMS from a family friend inviting me to attend an evening talk by Reverend Mickey Robinson at the Trinity Community Centre in PetalingJaya. Fascinated by the tagline that read "Came back to life with a message to deliver," I attended the evening service on May 8 with my husband and two daughters.


At the end of the service, Rev Robinson gave an altar call, saying that God wanted to heal someone with a growth on the neck. I sat glued to my seat and thought, "It can’t be me. There were so many people in the hall." So, despite repeated calls, I did not go forward.


I did decide to attend Rev Robinson's three‑day seminar on Prophetic Ministry.


On the first day of the seminar, he preached on miraculous healing and said, "If God reveals that He wants to heal, we should take a step of faith and come forward." This statement cut into me like a knife, and I went home telling my husband that I regretted missing the altar call that night.


I thought I would get Rev Robinson to pray for me privately, but this was not to be as he was always surrounded by eager seminar participants. On the final day of the seminar, I sat in silent prayer, asking God for another chance. An inner voice said, 'Get ready, pastor is going to call you soon."


Within a few minutes, I was signalled to come to the front of the class. Both Pastor Collin Gordon, senior pastor of Trinity Community Centre, and Rev Robinson affirmed that my gifting was in prophecy and knowing God's heart. After the prophecy, as I was going back to my seat, Pastor Gordon said, "Lady, please come back. God wants to give you a miracle." He then prophesied that God wanted to heal my neck and prayed for healing.


That Saturday, I went for another blood test, and the results confirmed my healing! All indicators were well within the normal range. Praise God that He revealed Himself to me as Jehovah Rapha ‑ God the Healer. 'Praise the Lord, O my Soul..." (Psalm 103:1‑3).




Extracted from Asian Beacon (August – September 2010 issue page 33)


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