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Acts of TCC

Title: Prophecy of Coming Disasters by Rev Dr. Samuel Doctorian
Date: 22 August 2008

Doctorian Prophecy of Coming Disasters 
by Rev Dr. Samuel Doctorian

‘Run With The Wind, Catch The Fire' was the theme of the fundraising dinner organised by Trinity Community Centre (TCC) in aid of their building fund. The church has taken a step of faith to purchase and renovate a warehouse in PJ at the estimated cost of RM6 million. 

The event was warmly supported by the Christian community who filled 16o tables. Distinguished guests for the evening were Tan Sri Bernard G Dompok, Minister in the Prime Minister's department, and Datuk Dr Wong Sai Hou, the Assemblyman for Kampung Tunku, who was instrumental for obtaining the approval for the renovation of the buildling.
Rev Dr Collin Gordon, the senior pastor of TCC recounted God's faithfulness in leading the church forward and said that it would continue to expect great things from Him. Tan Sri Bernard Dompok in his speech, appreciated the fact that Malaysia has an active Christian presence as seen by the number present at the dinner. He also commended TCC on its initiative to extend the church's premise to house more social ministries that would cater to the underpriviledged.
As they dined, guests were entertained by song and dance items. The highlight of the evening was when Rev Dr Samuel Doctorian shared on his encounter with five angels on the island of Patmos, with each heavenly being representing a continent. Doctorian is an Armenian pastor who originated from Beirut. He related seeing the angel over Asia holding a trumpet in his hand. When he sounded the trumpet, starvation occurred. Strong winds blew, bringing disasters, and earthquakes caused the sea to flood the earth. In addition, nuclear weapons raised the death toll. The second angel over the countries of the Middle East such as Israel, Iraq, Iran and Turkey had a sickle in his hand. He prophesied the advent of wars, nuclear disasters and the lack of water in the region. The third angel over Europe had a scale in his hands. As he flew he announced that God is grieved over the ungodliness and uncleanness in the land. The region would experience floods, hunger and great destruction; towers would fall. In the midst of such destruction, those who called on the Lord would be delivered.
The fourth angel, who was over Africa with a sword in his hand, prophesied there would be bloodshed and killings and due to the heat, rivers would dry up. A large part of central Africa would be covered with waters, causing deaths. The last angel over North and South America had a bowl in his hand. He lamented that there was no justice or holiness, only drunkenness, materialism and idolatry. As he poured the bowl, Doctorian saw icebergs melting and floods all over Canada and North America, destroying cities. Earthquake would occur in various places and the world market would collapse.
In the face of such coming disasters and judgements, Doctorian appealed for people to turn to the Lord and prayed for all who were present as they raised their bands. 
Those who would like to contact TCC regarding books by Doctorian or wish to contribute to its building fund, please call 03­ 7784 2839 or log on to www.tccpj.com.

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