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Title: Directed by God to this church
Date: 24 September 2010




 Directed by God to this church

As I was in my deep sleep one day about three months ago on 14th June 2010 in the early hours about three in the morning, The Lord woke me up and told me to read Isaiah 60. So I got up and read the first 5 verses and went back to sleep, but the Lord told me to read the whole chapter again, so I got up and read the full chapter and then went back to sleep. The next day my husband called me from Africa and told me that his contract was going to end then I remembered the verse from Is 60 :5 I told him not to worry the Lord has promised the abundance of the sea, as my husband works in an offshore oil rig. Then I started asking the Lord what is it that you wanted me to do with regards to this chapter, please reveal it to me, during these days I used to meditate on this chapter and I asked the Lord what has these words to do with me v:18 you shall call your walls SALVATION and your gates PRAISE I also prayed to the Lord about our plans on buying a grounded house. I asked our Lord whether to write these words on the walls of my house, but HE showed me a vision of a huge building. Again I asked the Lord what does that mean, and subsequently a few days later, He did not talk to me. On Thursday the 17th I received a mail from my husband’s office secretary at KL an invitation to an event testimony taking place at TCC Church in PJ and I read and viewed the video clip attached in the mail. Then the Lord spoke to me this is where I want you to go. As I don’t drive I have to depend on public taxi or seek my friend Patricia’s help who is working. I called her up and told her that there was this program and I would like her to join me. She told me that she was very tired, and I was praying to God to show me a way and praying for her and in my house on the walls I have put up verses of the Bible and it also includes Isaiah:

40-v-31 so I claimed that verse for her and submitted it to the Hands of the Lord. In about 15 minutes later Patricia called me and asked whether I knew the place I told her that I had printed out a map from Google search. So we started without any hindrances on our way to the Church. As we reached the Church’s car park behind the building the Lord spoke to me again HE said Look up and I looked up and lo! and behold I saw the word SALVATION written I knew what the Precious Lord was telling me as I walked with my friend Patricia towards the entrance I saw on the gates was written PRAISE In my heart I told myself This is an AMAZING GOD and HE has something in stored for me . As I stepped my right foot into the entrance of the church I asked The Lord where am I going to put my shoes then I thought this was a funny question to ask myself as I walked up I saw an another amazing thing, a long shoe Rack yet to be filled, then the Lord spoke to me as I entered into HIS HOLY place of worship. THIS IS THE HOLY GROUND WHERE YOU STAND and I was shivering. Then God was referring to me from the Book of Exodus at Horeb the mountain of God where the Lord appeared to Moses I did read this verse sometime back I went straight to search and I got it on Exodus: 3v 1-5. To keep His place of Worship HOLY and He also wants us to be Holy.


It was a wonderful experience and the testimony given by Sister Michelle Hamilton was another Spirit of faith building. I always believe in the unseen and I don’t know how much to thank my Wonderful JESUS who is beyond our imagination. He over blesses us if we really put our complete trust in HIM. The Scripture I love most is PSALMS: 23 & PSALMS 121 that has been a daily dose of elixir for my life



Philomena Joseph


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