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Acts of TCC
Acts of TCC

The 'Acts of TCC', like the days of (the Acts of the Apostles), consist of stories, testimonies and media write-ups that goes back right to the early years, and our present-day happenings. These articles testify of the Holy Spirit's empowering ministry and His involvement in the life of TCC members. We pray that as you read these articles, you would be greatly encouraged believing the God our Father cares and loves each one of us with an everlasting love.

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Case of the suicidal termites
At one time the church building was so infested with termites that evidence of their presence could be detected by ...
Collection multiplied in the Bag.
It was the Chinese New Year season and the church attendance was poor (about 40?). Moreover, the church had to ...
Directed by God to this church
As I was in my deep sleep one day about three months ago on 14th June 2010 ....
Endtime Prophecies
"As I knelt to pray one evening, I literally saw the clock before me jump from 7pm to 11pm. I blinked several times ...
Agape Magazine
Futsal in Support of Anti-Smoking
DUMC FC became the champions of a futsal competition organized by Trinity Community Centre (TCC) in conjunction ...
The Star
He 'Set the Church building on Fire'
One night during the time when Pastor and his family were staying at the church premise they were rudely awakened ...
Healed From Thyroid Aliment
In July 2009, I was RAPIDLY losing weight and having breathing difficulties.....
Lesson from a Mountain Top
Rev Dr Colin Gordon is widely known for his prophetic gift and has been invited to the US, Mexico, Isreal, ...
Agape Magazine
Miraculously filled the half-bowl of Olive Oil
Sitting on the pulpit was a half-full bowl of olive oil which Pastor had brought all the way from Israel. It was ...
Mysterious Orbs Photographed
Orbs of light have appeared at several Christian prayer meetings, causing many to question their origin, ...
Agape Magazine
Prophecy of Coming Disasters by Rev Dr. Samuel Doctorian
'Run With The Wind, Catch The Fire' was the theme of the fundraising dinner organised by Trinity Community Centre ...
Asian Beacon
Translated in the Spirit by Bruce Allen
At the tender age of four, Bruce Allen was playing with his brothers and sisters when he suddenly blurted out, "We ...
Agape Magazine
Underground flooding subsides on its own.
On another occasion, every time it rained, the water table under the sanctuary floor would overflow and seep out on ...
Was Mystery Man a Divine Being?
There was a heavy downpour on the last day of Pastor Bruce Allen's three day conference at Trinity Community ...
Agape Magazine

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